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 Legacy of Oliver Minić

Legacy of an architect Oliver Minic (1915-1979) was acquired on October 9th, 1981. According to his will all the books were endowed to the Library except those books for which The National Library of Serbia showed interests. His father’s easel and paintings:  Self -portrait and The Landscape of Zlatar are also endowed with the following inscription: Gift from a painter and an architect Milan S. Minic. To the Library in Prijepolje, birth place of Milan S. Minic.
The Legacy contains 664 inventory units: 515 books, (incomplete edition of Serbian Literary association from 1893 to 1940 and others), 106 yearly magazines Serbian literary Gazette 1921 – 1940, Architecture and urbanism 1960 – 1971, Urbanism of Belgrade 1969- 1978, Collection of works from Architectonic university 1953- 1967 and 43 of other units (urban plans of Prijepolje and Nova Varos, schemes and other).

Legacy of Branko Zejak

Legacy of Branko Zejak (1930-2018) was acquired in 2012. It represents personal library that testifies about the life and work of its owner, about his permanent preoccupations. The Legacy contains about 700 inventory units of different kinds of materials – titles of fiction, encyclopedias, dictionaries, proceedings, periodicals, reviews, photo-albums, art reproductions, speeches, recitals, prefaces, meeting reports, annual reports, press clippings, feuilletons, memoirs, monograph publications on cities and towns, monasteries, museums, memorials.

As a long-standing public worker, Branko Zejak meticulously collected and archived numerous materials that illustrated time, people and the way of life. Publications on history of Prijepolje and surrounding municipalities have a special value and represent essential source of information for researches.

Collection of Muhamed Čelebić

Collection of Muhamed Čelebić (1925-1995), professor of fine arts, the member of Assotiation of Fine Arts of Serbia (ULUS) and the intellectual who left the significatnt trace in cultural and public life of Prijepolje in post war period. It contains 103 inventory units. Most valuable are the titles on line arts and theatre, offprints on different subjects as well as titles from classical literature.

 Collection of Miodrag Dragiša Radović

Collection of Miodrag Dragiša Radović (1928-2002), public, cultural worker and a publicist was endowed to the Library in 2002. It contains 650 inventory unts. Most significat are the collective works of Serbian and Yugoslav authors as well as some of the most famous classical authors – Vuk Karadžić, Njegoš, Kočić, Nušić, Bora Stanković, Dučić, Andrić, Selimović, Crnjanski, Ćopić, Ćosić, Lalić, Balzac, Remark, Kundera, Zilahy, Pushkin, Dostoevsky…
Collection also contains books on economy, local publications and professional literature on different subjects.