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My Library

My library

Service My Library provides online access to the information about your borrowed or ordered material.


Access to My Library service

My Library service can be accessed via Virtual Library of Serbia www.vrs.rs or by clicking on direct link

For the use of this service log in as instructed:

*Library – Enter the acronym or the name of the library (PRIJEP / Biblioteka „Vuk Karadzic“ )

NOTICE: When logging pay attention to  CYRILLIC / LATIN SCRIPT – if you are in cyrillic surrounding use cyrrilic scipt, for latin surrounding use latin script

*Number of library card – Enter the number from your card placed beneath barcode

*Password – Enter the password provided to you by a librarian at the enrolment. If you don’t have a password or if you have forgotten the password, visit the library, where you will get a new one. A log in password is given in person only.