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Members can borrow 2 library items for 15 days. Loan period may be extended once for 10 days for all books except school literature and books on reservation list. Borrowed items can be renewed in person or by phone.
Publications from Reference Collection, Local History Collection and serials are intended for use in the Library only.


If the book is not currently available members can fill out a reservation card. Reservations can also be made by phone or by e-mail. Members will be informed by phone when the book becomes available.

Interlibrary loan

Interlibrary loan allows requesting material not available at our library from others libraries. This service is charged according to the interlibrary policies of the lending libraries. The cost may also depend on type of material and postage.

Referral services

The aim of referral services is to provide help in accessing accurate and reliable information by guiding the users of library resources, to offer catalogue search services and databases SCIndex, Kobson.

Services are provided either face-to-face and/or via telephone and email.

Reading room

Within the reading room library members can use publications from the Library collections. Members are allowed to use personal publications with the permit of a librarian.

E-reading room and Internet

Within the e-reading room members are provided with free access to computers, multimedia publications from the library collections and the internet search for educational and informative purposes, as well as a free access to KoBSON and EBART Media archive.

Members are allowed to use personal computers and mobile devices with free Wi Fi internet connection provided by the library.

Copying, Scanning, Printing

Parts of monographic and serial publication from library collections are allowed to be copied and scanned.