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Local History Department

Department for local collections, special collections and periodicals with reading room.

Local History Department contains books, magazines, newspapers, and other printed materials. The holding contains literature about Prijepolje region, (Mileseva region), its natural characteristics, population, history, culture, economy, personalities. It represents the vital link with the town as it is the most important and accessible database of Prijepolje.


Local History Department was formed by retroactive acquisition through collaboration with other institutions and archives, citizens, scientific and public workers, printing industry, also by bibliographic research etc.  It is also being formed by current acquisition of newly issued publications, magazines, newspapers, audio–visual materials, clippings, photos, posters, maps, and other materials which, according to the standard, belong to this department.

Two legacies – of Oliver Minić and Brank Zejak, as well as two gifted collections – of Muhamed Celebić and Miodrag Dragiša Radović are organized as separate collections within this department.

The holding can be used in the Library, making copies and scanning of materials are allowed.